Welcome To Deputy Direct. Com

We Are Proud to Announce the Additional of First Spear to Our Product Line!!!

First Spear Siege-R Optimized
With 6/12 and Tubes

Welcome to DeputyDirect.com!!

Name Brand, Custom Made Body Armor to Fit You.  Custom Fit to Your Measurements.  Unlike the big catalog companies, we don't sell you something sitting on our shelves that come close to fitting.    All of our body armor is NIJ 0101.06 Certified Body Armor.

Check around you will not a find better price on our armor packages we sell. 

Each piece comes with a 30 day fit guarantee!!


DeputyDirect.com hates back orders more that you do!!

We try maintain a minimum of 25 items of anything we have listed on our website in stock, (excluding body armor which is custom made).  Occasionally, we will get a large order which will deplete us of an item, if this occurs we will notify you and let you know. You can decide to wait or to cancel the order. 



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